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Steak & seafood grill restaurant Dining Room presentsa new menu of epicurean appetizers, mains andcourse menus.

  • Appetizers: 'Pan-fried Scallops', 'Seafood Selection', 'Prawn cocktail', 'Beef Tartar' and the other appetizers crafted from the finest seafood and meats.
  • Mains: Hanwoo 1++, Australian Rangers Valley MB4 and MB5, US prime-grade beef, plus cod fillets and Atlantic wood-grilled salmon.
  • Set-Course: Four-course light 'Tasting Set' & Five-course 'Signature Set' featuring Dining Room signature dishes.

Share a romantic dinner with your partner with a set-course menu at Dining Room, home of epicurean experiences crafted from the finest ingredients.

Information & Reservations: +82 51 990 1300

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