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Three season-limited #SpringSeriesCocktails at Living Room Bar, featuring brightly vibrant flowers that will treat your eyes and palate to rich spring vibes.

  • "Spring Scent" a sweet and refreshing cocktail with grapefruit and lychee-flavored liqueurs,Itis topped with a soft meringue foam.
  • "Spring Cloud" a cocktail that embodies the canola flower. It’s made of gin andyujacompote to give it a yellow color and a sweet taste, and topped with cotton candy in a true show of a special performance when served.
  • "Spring Night" a cocktail created though the harmony of Bacardi rum and Peachtree liqueur, It is reminiscent of the night sky filled with stars that sparkle softly.

: starting from March 21, 2022

Information: +82 51 990 1300

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