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Patisserie presents a trio of limited-edition Strawberry cakes for enjoying the strawberry season.

❶ Strawberry Chiffon Cake
Embrace happiness in your mouth with the 'Strawberry Chiffon Cake,' which cheers you up simply with sweet whipped cream and strawberry pulp between sponges filled with fresh raspberry sauce.
❷ Strawberry Fraisier
Soak up some fun for all five senses with 'Strawberry Fraisier,' featuring rich vanilla cream with plenty of strawberries on a fragrant green tea sponge.
❸ Strawberry Tart
Create a sweet winter memory with the 'Strawberry Tart,' a crispy tart containing sweet and sour strawberry sauce and soft mascarpone cream, topped with plenty of fresh strawberries.

Price: Starting from KRW 65,000

Information & Reservations: +82 51 990 1300

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